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The Mission of the Altrusa International of Tampa Bay, FL - Wilma B Hogan Foundation, Inc. is to provide funds for service to organizations or individuals in support of programs and/or projects that fulfill the community needs.  Altrusa International of Tampa Bay established the Wilma B Hogan Foundation, Inc. in 1999 honoring one of its members, Wilma B 'Billie' Hogan.  The foundation was made possible by Billie's generous bequest to the club to further its program of service to the community and club members' desires to continue and expand areas of service.  In accordance with Ms. Hogan’s intentions, the Foundation Board of Directors wishes to have the greatest impact on the community and its citizens. Therefore, funds provided through the foundation shall be used to address new challenges and to seed programs, projects, and services with the intention that there is a plan and funding to ensure continuation beyond the grant period. The Board has established the following priorities:  programs that serve and support women; literacy; veteran’s services; programs for disadvantaged individuals and services to children. 

Grant Application

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A report including information on the number of persons served, dollars spent, and specific outcomes shall be submitted no later than 12 months after receipt of funds.  (Pictures are appreciated).

How will the project continue beyond this grant period (include amount and source of funds)?

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